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Dental Cleanings

Our team regularly performs anesthetic dental cleanings using ultrasonic cleaning instruments, digital radiology, and assessment of tooth and gum health and extractions.

After the first few years of age, most pets require dental cleaning at least once a year and, in some cases, even twice a year depending on the state of their teeth and the regularity of at-home dental care.


It’s also important to know that per guidelines from the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association, we only perform dental cleanings under anesthesia. While non-anesthetic dental cleaning clinics have become popular, the fact is that they are stressful for your pet, and make taking x-rays and cleaning below the gumline—where most periodontal disease occurs—impossible.

For your pet’s safety, we also begin with blood work to verify that your pet is well enough for anesthesia.

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