Hypersensitivity: Allergic Reactions in Pets

Allergies are common problems for pets, but their signs manifest in various ways. Some pets struggle with constant, low-level itchiness, while others react severely only to specific substances, such as bee venom. Allergic reactions seem to come out of nowhere, and you may not understand what’s happening to your four-legged friend. Our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital [...]

How to Keep Dogs Safe During Hunting Season

Hunting seasons vary depending on the quarry, but fall is a common time. Because your furry friend can be mistaken for game or sustain injuries while working outdoors, hunting season poses many potential hazards and pitfalls. If you live near areas that hunters frequent, or you plan to take your canine companion with you on [...]

5 Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Rodenticide Toxicity

As a pet owner, you’re likely aware that your furry pal faces many dangers, from chocolate and grapes to lilies and azaleas. And, while you know rodenticide is toxic, you may not realize how easily pets can become poisoned. To bring awareness of the problems that rodenticides cause pets, our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital & Urgent [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be a challenging condition for pet owners and veterinarians, because the illness slowly creeps up over time, making early detection difficult. Fortunately, testing is available that helps catch kidney disease sooner than standard tests, which gives your pet the best prognosis for a long-term good quality of life. Chronic kidney [...]

Pet Tick Removal and Prevention

Discovering a tick crawling through your pet’s fur, or worse, attached to their skin, can send a shiver down your spine as you attempt to take on the bloodsucking pest. To learn how to remove a tick safely and effectively from your pet’s skin, read our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care Services team’s recommendations [...]

Hot, Humid, and Hazardous: Heat-Related Conditions in Pets

When temperature and humidity levels rise, your pet’s heatstroke risk increases. This condition occurs when your furry pal becomes overheated, and any pet can be affected. However, certain factors can increase your pet’s heatstroke risk. Pets who are overweight, double-coated, geriatric, or have heart, respiratory, or endocrine disorders are more likely to experience heatstroke, as [...]

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

If you have a German shepherd dog, you’ve likely heard of hip dysplasia, because this orthopedic condition commonly causes significant pain and lameness in the breed. Although large-breed dogs develop hip dysplasia more often than others, any pet can develop hip dysplasia. If you own a medium- or large-breed dog, read our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital [...]

Hot Dog! Cookout Safety for Pets

Cookouts are highlights of the summer season, and food seems to taste better because it’s been roasted over a grill and eaten out in the fresh air. When your pet joins in the delicious celebration, they double the fun. However, exercise caution when your four-legged friend attends your cookout. Our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital & Urgent [...]

6 July Fourth Pet Safety Tips

July Fourth is an exciting time with friends, family, food, and fireworks. But, as you prepare for your celebration, ensure you take steps to safeguard your four-legged friend. Our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care Services team doesn’t want your Independence Day festivities interrupted by a visit to the veterinary emergency clinic. Here are our [...]

An Itchy Pet Pop Quiz

Pets are frequently affected by Itchy skin, which can do much more than annoy your pet. The constant scratching and biting can cause raw skin and secondary infections. Our Woodinville Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care Services team knows that an itchy pet can be frustrating, so we want to test your knowledge on the subject [...]

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